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As I learn about our products, I like to look around and see what else is being said about what we use in our ingredients… This was great…

Positive Health Online | Article – Mahonia aquifolium – The new herbal treatment for psoriasis and eczema





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Have you ever watched a butterfly come into your field of vision, wishing it would slow down for a few.. just for your viewing… only to see it flit away too soon?

I think I “caught” my butterfly, or my butterfly and I begin a journey together.

Oh, this is puzzling you think.. well, bear with me. You know my journey title speaks of NYR Organic products, so let me tell you about my butterfly.

My butterfly is frankincense. For years, “frankincense” has popped into my yard only to flit away before I understood or could invite it to stay. Frankincense is a mystery, a beauty, a wonder.. always out of grasp, this wonder, but I knew, just as the wise Kings that delivered gifts to the Christ child, it spoke to me of a treasure yet to be embraced.

For years, this essential oil spoke to me, beckoning me to join its field.

Today, meet US NYR Organics. Pioneers in the field of health and beauty with frankincense and a plethora of other wondrous essential oils.

I am a new US NYR Organics independent consultant on a journey… of fascination, rejuvenation, beauty, and wonder.

In this blog, I’ll share with you the wonders of my health and beauty journey with frankincense, ylang ylang, garden mint, bergamot, myrrh, litsea and many other essential oils found in the ¬†products of NYR Organics and invite you to find your own.

Enjoying the journey,



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